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“Cough, cough, cough!” Hong Dali said it matter-of-factly that Tang Long started coughing violently. He coughed for quite a while as he was too shocked. “You say you passed all thirty levels? For real? In the past, there was a training tower just like this one. My Master only managed to pass twenty-six levels on the first day. The most powerful man in the Galaxy, Duan Xuan, also only managed to pass twenty-seven levels. And you are telling me you passed all thirty?!”


Young Master. Ling Xiaoyi knocked on Hong Dalis room door and said softly, There is an Honorary Aristocrat outside who wants to discuss some business with you.


“Yup, indeed, it’s about the same as what we predicted.” The Bureau Chief nodded and said, “Since that’s the case, Earth might have already been exposed to the sight of the Zergs?”


Dont worry, said Jiang Dongliu with a smile before reaching out and gently pulling at something in the air. A door opened from nowhere and he walked in, closing the door behind him. Everything returned to normal.


Do you see this shop? Mister Gate pointed at the weapons shop. This weapon has three attribute gems embedded in it. Two Strength +9, one Reflexes +8. My son actually said to sell this for one thousand Galaxy Dollars. If hes not a prodigal, what is he?


Everyone soon gathered. There were not as many people setting off together. They were not on Earth, after all. Some had to improve their combat ability at the Tower of Trials. Only about ten people tagged alongHong Dali, Tang Muxin, Li Nianwei, Jiang Qianxue, Ling Xiaoyi, three female lackeys, as well as four of Jiang Qianxues eight guards.

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Jiang Qianxue had taken off the cloak that marked her as a Galaxy Aristocrat, so Hong Dali, too, was unwilling to flaunt his own cloakwhen they got back to the spacecraft, Hong Dali said, Hahaha, since everyone is in such high spirits, lets go back to the restaurant and take off our cloaks, pick up Little Quentin and go shopping!


Isnt it better if we lose money? Hong Dali asked curiously. Otherwise, how else can I squander?


Li Nianweis face flushed red with excitement. She rarely asked for anything, but this time, she took the initiative to ask Hong Dali, Young Master, I think


After he was done talking about the grape wine, Hong Dali started spouting nonsense again. He grabbed a bottle of wine at random. At first glance, the color was golden, and the name of the wine was called Fragrant Pomegranate Bloom wine. He immediately said, “To drink this Fragrant Pomegranate Bloom wine, we have to use a jade cup. As the saying goes, a jade bowl holds amber light. If we use a jade cup or a jade bowl, it will add color to the wine.”


After the coordinates were entered, space was distorted and a flash of white light appeared. When Hong Dali looked at the surroundings, he was so shocked he opened his eyes wide!


Out of the Star Harbor, Hong Dali stretched lazily and looked around. Ah, its a happy day, haha!


For this couple, Hong Dali entering the Universe was like a part of their heart had disappeared. They didn’t have the interest or passion to do anything now.



Main Mission Three: Squander fifty million Galaxy Dollars in one year. Mission Rewards: Fifty attribute points, one small special meteorite. Failure Penalty: Fifty points to be deducted from the Hosts base attributes. Points will be deducted at random from Strength, Agility, Health, Reflexes, Sexual Capability, and Outer Appearance.



“You big idiot!” Jiang Qianxue gritted her teeth. “The ‘like’ I’m talking about means that I might… fall in love with him. Do you understand?”


In fact, Galaxy Aristocrats’ guards like them were usually cocky and unapproachable. But they were different now. Where were they? Shenluo City! The city where the super genius was at! Such a super genius would definitely rise to the top in the future. They did not dare to offend him!


“That’s possible. Sigh, maybe, he even fused with a soul stone before. After all, if a person fused with a soul stone dies, the corpse will become a soul stone again. If this Hong Dali was really lucky enough, it’s possible that he met a dying ability user and obtained his soul stone.”

  • Gem processing, embedding, and magic enhancement: Use one hundred attribute points to unlock skill upgrade. Skill upgrade: Host can use one million Galaxy Dollars to combine two attribute gems. After combination, the original attributes of the gems will be reduced by two points. Combined gems will have double attributes. Additional explanation: Funds spent on this will not be taken into the total squandered value. Next level: Ability to combine gems into triple attribute gems and point reduction from original value reduced.
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