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The Bureau Chief instantly burst out in sweat and hurriedly changed the topic. “Ah, haha, no rush, there’s no rush to try it. Chuyin.” The Bureau Chief paused for a while, then slowly asked, “The Zergs might be here any moment. Currently on Earth, only your Valsion is capable of fighting against them. Are you afraid?”


This lackey is really powerful, even his moves are so full of character. I think he must be at least a Third Order Planet Warrior! They must be the princesses of some rich and powerful family? They have such powerful lackeys with them?


“Damn it.” Jiang Qianxue violently shook her head and muttered, “Why did I suddenly think of that prodigal, the difference between him and my hero is way too big, bigger than 100,000 lightyears. Why did I suddenly think of him?”


Xinxin. Jiang Qianxue sat on a bench meant for shoppers to rest and looked at Hong Dali who was a distance away. She asked softly, Dali has he always been like this?


“A super-genius who passed level 30 appeared on Shenluo City. Therefore, the Galaxy Aristocrats are looking for this person now. All those who can provide accurate information on this person will be rewarded with five million Galaxy Dollars. If this mystery person actively appears and shows himself in Shenluo City’s city owner’s house, you will be directly promoted to a purple-level Honorary Aristocrat and enjoy tons of special treatments given by the Galaxy Aristocrats and become a target that the Galaxy Aristocrats will heavily groom.”


Understood. Ace gently lifted his hand and put it on the stone tablet. Soon, the stone tablet displayed his Tower of Trials results: King P. Ace from the planet Red Saturnian, level twenty-two of the Tower of Trials, cleared on the fifth attempt.

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Thats good. Jiang Dongliu opened the door from empty air as he spoke. Grandpa will go gallivant around then. Aiya, speaking of which, the weather today is really good. Well, hehehe.


He might have escaped, but Tianyi was not willing to just give up like that. Although he thought highly of himself, to have such innate talent, he would not be a fool. Not only did he not get scared, other ideas began to form in his head.


Tianyi did not recognize his fighting pose, but Jiang Qianxues eyes lit up in recognition when she saw it. She gasped softly and then whispered to Tang Muxin, Xinxin, his pose, where did he learn it from?


At the table, Hong Dali said naturally, “Oh, by the way, Pops, I opened a few shops at the Star Harbor and am short on staff. How about you go there and play? Help look after my shops!”


Great! The clerk quickly announced loudly. Na Tairan from the Planet Heavens Vault, twenty-six years old, level eighteen of the Tower of Trials, cleared it on the sixty-second attempt. Eligible to be promoted to Honorary Aristocrat Reserve, intermediate level.


Speaking of which, Hong Dali had no idea that there were people here who hated him


“Bomb!” A giant pillar of fire that was as thick as five meters directly shot towards that terrifying beast! The pillar was totally white in color, this showed how extremely hot this flame was!



Once he entered the shop, he looked around and started instructing. “Eh, Uncle Mihawk, I think we will need to trouble you. I intend to renovate this store.”



“The reward for level 29 is an egg.” Hong Dali grinned and took out an egg from his bag. “I wonder when it will hatch. Speaking of which, Sister Green Bird didn’t tell me how to hatch it… Huh? Huh!?”


Mu Huaqing schemed quietly. A shop that loses money every day, it wont be easy to turn losses into profit. Does this Hong Dali think hes so good at making money? Does he really have something up his sleeves? But he looks at most eighteen or nineteen-years-old. He doesnt look like such a capable person. This shop would need at least two hundred thousand to one million to take over. How much can one piece of gem-embedded equipment earn? The net profit is too low. Thats why not many Honorary Aristocrats are in this business. But this Hong Dali, why does he insist on doing this?


“In that case.” The Mysterious man sighed and said, “Against the Zeg race, other than nuclear weapons, only Chuyin stands a chance?”

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