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This area was hundreds of thousands of square meters big and surrounded by a circle of viewing galleries. At this time, the galleries were filled with spectators as well as relatives and friends of the fighters who had come to compete for a place among the Honorary Aristocrats.


All things aside, although Tianyi was arrogant and lewd, he was rather brainy. This Dali, who had the ability to have a Galaxy Aristocrat wait for him, must be quite powerful. But wait a minute, Dali, why did that sound so familiar


When the mysterious man heard that, he slapped his thigh and said, Yes, yes. Your new godson is very smart. With popularity, you can auction this equipment, and put up a few more things for sale, and they will easily get sold. Its not easy to come up with something like that! What do you intend to do next?


“Even if your luck is good, it shouldn’t be possible to pass thirty levels in one day! Did the standard of the towers nowadays drop?” Tang Long decided to attribute Hong Dali’s achievement to the lowered standards of the Tower of Trials. He knew Hong Dali was too indifferent and he would not get an answer out of him. He shifted his attention elsewhere. “Speaking of which, what are you doing with these rubbish stones? Are you planning to raise your lackeys’ attributes? You have to buy high-grade gems. If you get ordinary ones they won’t help much…”


Mu Huaqing schemed quietly. A shop that loses money every day, it wont be easy to turn losses into profit. Does this Hong Dali think hes so good at making money? Does he really have something up his sleeves? But he looks at most eighteen or nineteen-years-old. He doesnt look like such a capable person. This shop would need at least two hundred thousand to one million to take over. How much can one piece of gem-embedded equipment earn? The net profit is too low. Thats why not many Honorary Aristocrats are in this business. But this Hong Dali, why does he insist on doing this?


Li Nianwei covered her mouth. “Young Master, this, is this really the reward for that level?” She was afraid that someone might hear them, so she only said “that level”.

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Since he was going to see Pops, Hong Dali was lazy to go upstairs. He pointed with his finger. Xiaoyi, just do the paperwork. Ill see the shop when I have time later on.


This was where there was a problemin the past Li Yang would have a problem dealing with the two guards, but it was previously mentioned that Hong Dalis plan was simple and brutally effective. They were simply going to pile on attributes. They were rich. Although their mastery of martial arts was not as advanced, they had the money and they would just pile on their attributes with gems until they were able to squash you!


“Look for my little brother Dali?” Yin Tianzong’s image stroked his chin and nodded. “That’s not a bad idea. This brother of mine is cheery all the time. Chatting with him will make you feel better!”


And he is able to have such a strong backing, his family background must be very powerful as well. I must make use of this point.


Actually, when you open a shop, there are things you should be particular about. For example, the renovations and decoration, as well as staffing and allocation of manpower. There should also be a manager? There should also be some security personnel? Especially for someone like Hong Dali, who bought seven shops at one shot, he should definitely have some of that, right?


Hong Dali put some blood on the Dragon Blood Ring and sure enough, a burst of intense energy fluctuated. A delicate one-meter long blue dragon appeared above the Dragon Blood Ring! The blue dragon danced in the air and after a while, finally prompted the coordinates…


By now, everyone had caught up with their family. Everyone was reassured since they were getting along well at the Galaxy Alliance Center and could return for a visit if they wanted to. Soon, the Bureau Chief coughed and said, Alright, since everyone has already met their family, if you have finished catching up, return home first. We still have official matters to discuss.



Acknowledging a godfather was a joyous occasion, so everyone trooped out to find a restaurant where they could eat, drink and be merry—this was something to be happy about back on Earth in the Heavenly State, and it was not much different here in the Galaxy Alliance Center.



She started talking about the price. Sir, your land in area 57 is not very good, the location is very remote. Although it covers a very wide area, its not suitable for development. You have asked for 65 million. However, I dont think that it is worth that much. After all, its barren mountainous land, which would make building costs higher. There arent any big shopping malls around, so we are offering 36 million. If you think this price is okay, then we will take it. Of course, the premise is that we will pay you in installments.


Ever since they had reached the Silver-blue super-planet, Tang Muxin and the rest had been meeting Galaxy Aristocrats almost daily with Hong Dali. Would they be intimidated by a mere Honorary Aristocrat?


The onlookers were all dumbfounded. Most were terrifiedwhere did this giant come from? He was so scarily strong that he did not even give in to an Honorary Aristocrat?!

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